The Cascade Discovery Route


Unfortuantely, a disclaimer is necessary. Ours is simple: The Cascade Discovery Route makes use of various trails in the National Forest Trail System. Depending on which way the political winds are blowing, these trails may be open or closed at any given time; we have no way to predict this. The USFS says that all users of these trails must carry a copy of their Motor Vehicle Use Map, which shows which trails are open. Please consult this map and, if you choose to ride trails that may not be open, you do so at your own risk of a ticket.

Furthermore, we make no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of these GPX files. You assume full responsibility for knowing where you're going, as well as knowing how to operate your GPS unit. In other words, if you get lost, hurt, don't have a good time, or whatever else, DON'T BLAME US!

Here's a link to the current MVUP page.

I have read and understood the above disclaimer.

Click to download the files:

File No. 1: Pinemont to Detroit Lake

File No. 2: Detroit Lake to Big Lake